With a 98.3% forecasting accuracy rate in Europe, you can act with confidence.

Since 1948, the economists at ITR Economics International have provided EU business leaders with reliable and actionable insights into the European economy. Our 98.3% forecasting accuracy rate for European indices (94.7% globally) ensures that executive decision-makers have the guidance they need to take advantage of business cycle opportunities, maximize growth and avoid risks.

Unerring guidance to the world’s major companies, backed by 65 years of correct calls.

ITR Economics International is one of oldest, privately-held, continuously-operating economic research and consulting firms in the world. With a knowledge base covering more than six decades, ITR Economics International has a unique institutional memory. This gives an uncommon understanding of long-term economic trends and how to react to critical changes in European and global market conditions.

Our reputation for excellent, independent and objective analysis differentiates us from general business consultants and government economists. Our record for providing accurate forecasts and implementable action plans is unmatched.

Not just analysis, but decisive actions for an uncertain European business climate.

ITR Economics International’s consulting services, speaker presentations and subscription-based publications deliver authoritative information in the language of business, not just economics. Our European team, lead by CEO Alan Beaulieu and based in Brussels, Belgium, is able to anticipate future Europen economic trends with a proven 98.3% accuracy rate for EU industrial production (over 10 years, looking 14 months out), and a 94.7% accuracy rate globally. We then provide easy-to-understand analyses of economic data to EU business leaders, along with decisive action plans and recommended management strategies that can help them capitalize on forseeable business cycle fluctuations. 

Direct access to today’s leading EU economists.

ITR Economics International brings a unique understanding of the “glocal” economy to European executives. Our comprehensive EU reports and presentations are industry-specific and detailed for European businesses, companies and multi-national trade federations.

With our concise European analysis and forecasts, decision-makers will be able to see tomorrow’s European economy today. They’ll be able to interact and receive guidance from ITR Economic International’s data-rich consultants. And they’ll have the information they need to make critical moves in upturns and downturns, effectively positioning their companies for years of consistent stability and growth.

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Our EU-focused economists deliver over 350 relevant, informative keynotes a year. And unlike academic economists, their action-oriented presentations at company meetings, trade group events or economic conferences offer attendees definitive plans for profiting in every business cycle. View excerpts of recent engagements.

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Barcelona, Spain, September 24, 2015

ITR Consultative Reports

As a full-service consulting firm, many of our customized analytical products and services include lead-in and follow-up conversations with a top economist from ITR Economics International. Our guidance is clearly communicated, company specific, and designed to help you act decisively.

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ITR Economics: 65 Years of Correct Calls – ITR Economics (itreconomics.com) is the leading economic trends forecaster in the United States with a proven 94.7% accuracy rate. With unmatched insights, ITR Economics applies global business cycle research to formulate practical business decisions. more..